Data Tells A Story

Practice Analytics dental practice management software was born from the idea that data tells a story.

Where there’s data, there’s normally untapped information just waiting to be discovered and leveraged. Dental practices have a rich source of data in their practice management systems, but there are way too many reports to figure out what to look at and no clear direction on where to focus attention. Practice Analytics software for dental clinics uses the information found deep inside the practice to simplify how a practice can be managed.

Specialized...For Dentists!

Dentistry is a highly specialized skill requiring years of education and certification.

To say dentistry is complex is an understatement. The business of dentistry multiplies the complexity even further. Unfortunately, most dentists do not have business degrees on top of their doctoral degrees. Practice Analytics dental software was designed to break down the business of dentistry into simple tools focused on the key components of the business: the clinic, the front office and the rest of the business. Once the business is broken apart, key drivers of each component can be monitored closely and dental office management becomes profitable and effective.

Target Patients Behind the Results

At first, Practice Analytics dental practice management software was designed as a reporting tool for a group dental practice.

It quickly evolved into a tool that dental office managers, dentists, and dental consultants came to depend on for managing their offices. While the reporting was helpful, it lacked actionability. The results found in the reporting were driven by patients and staff. So Practice Analytics pulled that information into our dental practice software so managers, doctors and staff could now target those patients behind the results.

Flexible and Built To Evolve

Practice Analytics is an evolving service and online dental software.

Best practices are still being determined. The best way of running a dental practice is still being determined. There are a lot of people saying they have it figured out, but things change all the time. Practice Analytics dental practice management systems are flexible and built to evolve as dentistry changes. Moving into the future, dental professionals can be confident they will have the tools needed to manage an ever-changing industry and to help with everything from dental marketing to patient satisfaction.