Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Practice Management Software

dental practice management software

Whether running multiple offices or simply trying to keep up with one, your dental practice management software offers dentists an invaluable tool that helps keep the business running. At Practice Analytics, our dental practice management software enables customers to better track their data, manage their resources, and make the most out of every patient engagement.

If you have experience working with dental practice management software, you may have felt slightly overwhelmed at first by the sheer number of options you have to explore. Having the ability to dive deep into the massive amount of data our system collects is certainly one of its many benefits, but understanding the basics only requires staying focused on a few tasks.

Here are some of the most commonly used features on dental practice management software every practice owner should know.

Perfect the Art of Scheduling

A significant portion of your workflow depends on scheduling. When the scheduling system you’ve implemented runs smoothly, your practice processes can function unimpeded. Our dental practice management software allows you to see with just a glance the type of treatments taking place, who’s providing the care, and each patient’s individual status.

Since scheduling takes such a priority when running a dental practice, it only makes sense this would be the first area to focus on when learning how to operate your software system. Whether that means getting comfortable with color coding system being used or implementing your own custom solution, maximizing the schedule features provided by your software leads to running a more efficient practice.

Plan According

Our dental practice management software helps you communicate, schedule, and document the individual treatment of each patient. Every detail you or your team may require about a patient’s treatment history is easily accessible and conveniently available with just a few clicks.

While patient records once involved keeping filing cabinets full of paper charts, dental x-rays, and patient forms, dental practice management software systems let you easily store, file, and retrieve that information effortlessly. These types of innovations have enable quicker treatment calculation, with far more accurate estimation of insurance coverage.

Studies have shown patients accept treatment recommendations more frequently and leave feeling more satisfied when a treatment plan includes far fewer questions about potential costs. Being able to forecast to a patient what the financial cost of a treatment is in advance of care makes it seem more affordable, making the patient more likely to say yes.


Without having to rely on keeping old dental x-rays lying around the office means a new form of technology has replaced the old. The tablets being used by dentists today offer a far clearer and more defined dental x-ray when compared to those found on grainy celluloid images.

Digital charts offer more detail, including color specifics and numbering, along with the added convenience of never having to worry about them ripping or fading. Digital charts also make it far quicker for your chairside staff to answer any patient questions about their oral health or their planned oral care.

Note Taking

Our dental practice management software includes a note-taking feature that makes it fast and simple to create, track, and locate your patient notes. Digital note taking removes one of the biggest hurdles in the medical community – having to read a doctor’s handwriting. Our software keeps everything looking perfectly legible, which eliminates any costly mistakes caused by illegible handwriting.

Better note taking also helps to ensure that you keep your practice protected from a liability standpoint. A set of detailed and accurate notes will enable to fully explain your side of any miscommunication that occurs between you and a patient or insurance provider.


These are just a few of the many helpful tools available with our dental practice management software. To find out what Practice Analytics can do for your dental practice, contact our office today.