Practice Analytics Integrations

Dentrix Connected Partner

Dentrix software gives you unparalleled dental technology built specifically to improve your dental practice management. With industry-leading business, clinical and front office tools, including electronic prescriptions, electronic insurance claims, monthly business metrics, mobile computing, third-party products and more, our dental technology enables you and your team to improve patient care while growing your business.

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Dentrix Enterprise Partner

A growing dental practice needs robust practice management software, and Dentrix Enterprise is the industry-leading solution for large-group and multisite dental practices, tackling complex issues of centralizing and streamlining data with ease. Integrating award-winning clinical tools with leading dental equipment, and giving you the benefits of economies of scale, Dentrix Enterprise helps you succeed now and as you grow, so you can maximize efficiency and profitability.

Eaglesoft Partner

Patterson connects customers from start to finish with innovative technology and equipment solutions that can take their practice to the next level, and provides complete confidence along the way. Patterson guides customers as they choose, install, onboard and make use of their technology investments every single day.

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Open Dental Partner

Open Dental utilizes a software system that’s designed to increase efficiency and productivity, enhance access for both patients and providers, and improve the overall patient experience. The software enables practices and their staff to send automatic appointment reminders through email and text. It also enables patients to confirm their appointments electronically.