Open Dental

Tools Both Large and Small

As a user of Open Dental, you know that Open Dental offers the tools both large and small dental practices need to increase profitability.

Open Dental utilizes a software system that’s designed to increase efficiency and productivity, enhance access for both patients and providers, and improve the overall patient experience.

Open Dental software enables practices and their staff to send automatic appointment reminders through email and text. It also enables patients to confirm their appointments electronically. Open Dental’s software even features a patient portal that allows patients to immediately access their health information.

Additionally, the software includes a chart module DSOs and single practice providers can use to organize and enter clinical information. With Open Dental’s mobile app, users can view patient information and manage appointment schedules from anywhere at any time. Other features include graphical reporting, e-prescribing, and the ability to integrate with solutions provided by Practice Analytics.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

At Practice Analytics, we remain committed to providing innovative solutions that help dental support organizations (DSO) better manage their group practices.

Our real-time business intelligence dental dashboard enables DSOs to better monitor and diagnose the health of their business, with enterprise-level views of the group providing actionable analytics at the office and provider level.  As a provider of a platform that allows integration with a variety of practice management software, Practice Analytics is pleased to announce our additional integration with Open Dental Practice Management Software.

Practice Analytics is Now Integrated with Open Dental

Dentistry is a complex business that requires deep analysis that extends beyond what happens at the front desk or in the clinic.

When you take advantage of Practice Analysitcs’ integration with Open Dental, you gain access to our innovative Business Intelligence Dashboard which helps you identify and better track the key performance indicators (KPI) that can take your DSO or single practice to the next level.

Our business module software provides the flexibility and detailed approach to manage and track incredibly specific details within a single or group practice by providing features the include:

  •      Custom Reporting

  •      Audit Analysis

  •      Profitability and Fee Analysis

Our software enables you to gain a “big picture” outlook of your organization. From top-down, you can then begin to break down and isolate unique aspects of your organization to determine how each region and office is performing at an individual level, while still gaining an aggregate view of your DSO. These features enable you to drill down deep into complex practice data to find the KPIs behind the success of your business.

If you’re looking for additional support to power your PMS, Practice Analytics’ is the premiere Business Intelligence Dashboard any DSO or single practice needs.

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