Practice Analytics Solutions

The Front Office/Morning Huddle Module


Without dental office software, the Front Office/Morning Huddle Module focuses on the administration side of the practice. While the Clinical Module helps drive production, the Front Office/Morning Huddle Module is the next step in Practice Analytics and focuses on three key areas:


  1. Scheduling

  2. Collections and Insurance

  3. Patients


Scheduling: Current Practice Management Systems help dental office managers and staff with managing the schedule. However, they do not do a good job at managing where or how to schedule patients. Additionally, it requires multiple reports to track down patients who need to be scheduled. The Front Office Module helps office staff identify patients who need to be scheduled depending on the need in the schedule. More importantly, Practice Analytics can help determine which patients are more likely to schedule, thus allowing staff to reduce the time required calling patients to fill appointments.

Collections and Insurance: Production for practice is important, but the ability to collect fees is vital to its success. Monitoring collections and targeting specific patients through this module will help staff bring in cash to strengthen the practice. Additionally, our dental office management software provides tracking performance of income channels will allow for additional optimization for collections. This module also recognizes opportunities by optimizing insurance benefits at the patient level.

PatientsPatient flow is required for a practice to remain stable and grow. New patients are the biggest source of production. This module will help clarify who new patients are and how they impact the practice. Staff and managers will also understand marketing effectiveness and new patient requirements for growth.