Revitalize Your Hygiene Program with Practice Analytics’ Hygiene Manager

The true value and performance of a dental practice is measured by the success of its hygiene department. This one vital area of your practice can account for a sizable portion of your overall production and creates a sustainable source of residual income.

Practice Analytics’ Hygiene Manager gives you the tools necessary to jump-start your hygiene program, and the ability to recapture lost revenue while holding your team accountable.

Improve Production by Keeping Your Schedule Full

Hygiene and re-care accounts for 30% of the revenue of any single practice dentistry.

Despite the value offered by their hygiene programs, many practices routinely fail to keep existing patients on a regular hygiene schedule. The loss of these appointments can impact a practices revenue stream while also lowering patient retention rates.

By increasing the number of hygiene appointments scheduled, your practice can boost production by extending the lifecycle of your existing patient base.


of your revenue
hygiene dental software

Be confident your patients are getting care at least with our patient retention tools.

Our Hygiene Manager enables your staff to easily identify and contact patients overdue for a hygiene appointment. Make sure your patients are getting the care they need every six months with tools that will help keep your schedule full and patients healthy.

Practice Analytics Is Undeniable

The Average office only reschedules about 75% of their Hygiene patients.  When Practice Analytics is used, that numbers climbs closer to 90%.


Average Office Rate


Rate Using Hygiene Manager

Easy To Use Doctor Views

Easy-To-Use Interface Gives You Vital Data with Just a Few Clicks

To determine the success of any patient retention software, you need to see clearly measurable metrics that can help you determine the return on your investment. We’ve designed our Hygiene Manager to give you quick access to the data you need to better manage your team.

With just a few clicks, you can view rescheduling rates, chair time percentage, and staff productivity. The data provided by our Hygiene Manager will give you the ability to manage every aspect of your dental practice from the top-down, so you can quickly adjust and grow the way your practice requires.

Practice Analytics’ Dental Hygiene Manager works with all major practice management systems. Whether you run Dentrix, OpenDental or Easglesoft, our app will seamlessly integrate with your existing software.

Keeping your existing system in place will allow for the quick integration of our hygiene management system by presenting fewer challenges for your staff. Our system pulls vital data from your existing practice management system and presents that information in ways that are easy to understand and use.

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Why wait to find those existing patients that have fallen through your scheduling cracks? Recapturing existing patients offers far higher profitability and production when compared to finding and developing a new patient pipeline. Give your hygiene program the boost it needs by implementing our Hygiene Manager into your existing practice management system for just $99 a month!

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