Practice Analytics Solutions

The Business Module


The Business Module builds upon the previous two modules and pulls together the information hidden deep inside the practice management system in dental offices by providing advanced business support. The business of dentistry is very complex and requires deeper analysis beyond what happens in the clinic or behind the front desk.

The Business Module provides flexibility and a robust approach to managing unique and specific details within the practice by providing the following services:


  1. Custom Reporting

  2. Audit Analysis

  3. Profitability and Fee Analysis


Custom ReportingMany practices require attention to specific processes and protocols set within the office. With our proprietary dental management software, custom reporting within this module provides an integrated approach to managing the practice as a business. Reports can easily feed into spreadsheets or other financial analyses.

Audit AnalysisStaff perform their jobs well, but the human aspect of management in a practice means there may be errors. The Audit Analysis component of this module tracks down those mistakes and allows staff a chance to make changes before it’s too late. This can capture missed production opportunities as well as collections and insurance mistakes that could easily improve profitability.

Profitability and Fee AnalysisCash is king and profitability is always a challenge. With Practice Analytics, dental practice software using financial data, procedural profitability can be assessed in the Business Module. It is vital to identify which procedures are most profitable and which ones reduce profits. This analysis can be used to clarify cost structures and target areas of opportunity to reduce costs. Using that information, fees can be evaluated and adjusted to more appropriately drive profits. Fee analysis will also provide insights into market conditions and how a practice can take advantage of fee changes.