Basic FAQ's

What is Practice Analytics?

Practice Analytics is a real-time dental practice management tool designed to help monitor and diagnose the business health of your dental practice. Dentistry is a complex business, especially when owners are busy focused on practicing dentistry. Practice Analytics simplifies the ability to manage what’s happening in a dental practice by identifying and monitoring key business drivers. Using the treasure trove of information found inside a practice management system,  and our dental office software doctors, managers and staff can continuously recognize areas of opportunity within the clinic and its patients.

How does it work?

Practice Analytics has been built as a modular tool that addresses a dental practice in its parts by breaking down the key business drivers into easily identifiable target metrics. Doctors, managers and staff can now quickly identify how they are performing using a real-time, cloud-based dashboard. Diving deeper into specific measurements with our dental software program will uncover targeted action steps, leading to significant improvements across the practice.

What are modules?

The business of dentistry is so complex that it requires separation of responsibilities to make it easier to manage. Practice Analytics is broken into three distinct modules: The Clinical Module, The Front Office Module and The Business Module. Each of these modules target specific pieces of the business and our dental practice management system allows you to take  responsibility for those pieces to be given to staff to manage. See our Features page for more.

How often does Practice Analytics update?

Practice Analytics updates on a nearly real-time basis by grabbing data every 10-15 minutes. Practice management systems use databases to operate. Practice Analytics dentist office software pulls new data from the database regularly so staff and doctors can regularly monitor how the day it going.

Who can use Practice Analytics?

Practice Analytics can be used by employees of a practice or group who is subscribed to the service. This mean dentists, staff, dental office managers, and dental office consultants can use it. The license is a site license which allows for multiple users to be set up within an office. Each user will have a unique ID and password which they can use to log into Practice Analytics.

Where do I go for help?

If there are questions or comments, users can email [email protected] at any time. Practice Analytics provides excellent customer service and will respond quickly to any emails sent to this email address. We believe in supporting our clients with whatever it takes to help them with Practice Analytics.


What is Practice Analytics’ privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy in footer of this website.

Is Practice Analytics HIPAA compliant?

A business associate agreement is signed before any installation of Practice Analytics occurs. This will give Practice Analytics rights to legally see patient information. Practice Analytics does everything in its power to protect patient information. Security is first and foremost at Practice Analytics.

How is data kept secure?

Dental office patient information and any other data coming through Practice Analytics is encrypted when it is passed up to the cloud server. The cloud server is used to process practice information and format it for presentation through the user interface. The cloud server has been audited for HIPAA compliance to make sure it will protect any information it holds.

Can patients see the information in Practice Analytics?

Patients will not see information in Practice Analytics. Staff, managers and doctors will be the only ones to see Practice Analytics.


What are the system requirements?

Practice Analytics needs to be installed on a Windows based machine and needs about 350-400 MB of space. The software installation includes a database system that holds a portion of the practice information and an export service that sends that information up to the cloud. New computers and servers are always better for processing, but Practice Analytics still work well on older computers with little impact to an existing network. An internet connection is required.

What happens when new versions of Practice Analytics come out?

New versions of Practice Analytics can be downloaded and installed quickly. Updates to the installations should be infrequent. One major advantage of Practice Analytics user interface is that it can change as frequently as needed. Best practices will evolve over time and Practice Analytics is flexible and nimble enough to take advantage of what is working best for other practices.

Why is there a lag when looking at custom date ranges?

Each page within Practice Analytics involves a significant number of calculations. The custom date range requires the system to calculate everything each time the page changes. Using one of the time buckets, like Current Month or Today, will run quickly because the math has already been calculated for those pages.


How do I set up a new user?

The administrator can add new users and grant rights depending of the user’s position within the practice. New users are granted rights also based on their location if there are multiple locations for a practice.

How do I inactivate a user?

Under the administration section of Practice Analytics, the administrator can inactivate users at any point in time.

How do I add a new office?

If an office is added to a practice or group, an installation of Practice Analytics will need to be completed. Then, the practice can be added within Practice Analytics under the administration tab. It can also be assigned to a specific region in the case of group practices.

How much does it cost to use Practice Analytics?

Practice Analytics is an annual license billed on a monthly basis. Each module has a price associated with it, but all practices begin with the Clinical Module and then add the Front Office Module and the Business Module.