Practice Analytics Solutions


The Clinical Module


Our dental office software’s Clinical Module focuses on the core of the business. This is where a dentist, along with the staff, drives production. A close pulse needs to be monitored within the dental clinic to make sure it’s operating efficiently and effectively. The clinic can be broken down into two key businesses:


  1. Restorative

  2. Hygiene


The dental office management of these two programs should be measured and managed differently from one another. The restorative program needs to be focused on drivers of production like productivity and case acceptance. The hygiene program then becomes the lifeblood to the restorative program and a sustainable piece of the practice.

Track Key Performance Drivers

The Clinical Module is online dental software that tracks the key performance drivers of the clinical side of the practice in an easy to monitor dashboard. Staff and doctors can actively manage and improve performance by targeting the patients behind the results. For example, restorative utilization (percentage of time the restorative chairs are being used) is driven by many factors. Treatment planning, mix of procedures, case acceptance each have an impact on how frequently the restorative chairs are being used.  Each of those drivers has a targetable list of patients that tie to utilization. The Clinical Module identifies patients that can positively impact the clinic and production.