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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Patient Health History Form

By Practice Analytics | May 29, 2022

To successfully grow a dental practice, you need to find ways of connecting with patients. A health history form can start that process and help you build a lasting relationship with your patients for years to come. Your dental office software system should simplify collecting this information for your patients, requiring only a few online…

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Getting Patients to Return Means Addressing Their Concerns

By Practice Analytics | May 25, 2021

Effective dental office management has changed and now practices must adapt to operate in new ways to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting patients to schedule appointments and stay on their hygiene schedule no longer just requires frequent reminders and consistent notifications. Now, dentists need to convince patients that getting back into the…

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Why Branding Matters for Your Dental Practice

By Practice Analytics | Mar 22, 2021

For many within the dental industry, branding their practice generally means creating a catchy logo and making a continued promise to provide patients with outstanding service and care. However, branding isn’t just a practice for large, multinational brands. Health care providers like dental practices need to put time and energy into building their brand if…

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Patient Communication Key During COVID

By Practice Analytics | Jul 22, 2020

No matter what type of dental software programs they run, dental practices everywhere have adjusted how they communicate with patients now that offices have reopened following mandatory shutdowns. Simply programming your practice management system to send out text reminders of appointments and requests for scheduling won’t cut it anymore. Dentists need to show they’re concerned…

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Assessing Your Practice’s Staffing Needs Post COVID

By Practice Analytics | Jun 17, 2020

As you begin the process of reopening your practice, you’ll soon realize that it will take more than simply welcoming back your dental office manager and accompanying crew to get things started. You’ll need to adjust to the new normal and consider what policies and procedures you’ll need to implement in order to keep yourself,…

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Helping Your Practice Master Social Media Marketing

By Practice Analytics | Feb 24, 2020

For many dental office managers, running a successful social media campaign ranks as one of the trickiest parts of the job. Social media platforms offer businesses an ideal way to better connect to their customers through special offers, promotions, and establishing personal connections. However, many in the medical field fail to see how social media…

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Tips on Building a Better Team Dynamic

By Practice Analytics | Jan 31, 2020

You can never underestimate the importance of teamwork when it comes to running a successful dental practice. While many dental office management systems place a premium on creating a dynamic team structure, patients will quickly judge for themselves whether a practice runs like a well-oiled machine or if it sputters due to dysfunction and disorganization.…

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Create, Develop, Design: How to Help Your Dental Practice to Grow

By Practice Analytics | Sep 23, 2019

Whether a dental practice seeks to double its profits, pick up more patients, or expand to become a multi-office business, it must plan stated objectives and develop the strategies necessary to achieve them. While dental office software can help practices better understand their inner workings, outside forces have caused dentistry to change significantly in recent…

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Practice Management Software

By Practice Analytics | Aug 13, 2019

Whether running multiple offices or simply trying to keep up with one, your dental practice management software offers dentists an invaluable tool that helps keep the business running. At Practice Analytics, our dental practice management software enables customers to better track their data, manage their resources, and make the most out of every patient engagement.…

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