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The Impact of Hygiene Reactivation

By Practice Analytics | May 2, 2014

Practice Analytics sees patient retention over a two year period ranging from 70 to 80 percent, aligning with other industry standards.  Due to the decline of new patients, dental practices can no longer afford to lose patients like they may have been in the past. It is impossible to maintain a 100 percent patient retention…

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It’s Hard to Make Data Lie

By Practice Analytics | Jan 20, 2014

In a world that is tracking so much of our daily life, data is being collected almost every second of our lives. I recently purchased a Fitbit. It is designed to track my activity during a day and can even track how well I sleep. I am collecting data on myself every minute of the…

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Visit Practice Analytics at the RMDC

By Practice Analytics | Jan 14, 2014

Practice Analytics will have a booth at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention from January 23rd to 25th. Come visit us at booth 661 in the exhibition hall to learn firsthand what Practice Analytics is all about. There will be live demos available and an opportunity to ask questions about Practice Analytics. See you there!

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Triangulate the Issue

By Practice Analytics | Nov 20, 2013

Triangulation uses multiple known points to determine the exact position of an unknown location. When looking at opportunities within a practice, it’s important to use multiple known pieces of information to identify the root cause of the problem. Information can be misleading when analyzed in isolation. Sifting through the mounds of information from a practice…

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